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Carparthian and the boy who lived?

Crossover:  Harry Potter/ Carparthian series
Warning:  Violence, angst, romance,
Characters do not belong to me, except the carparthian She is mine.
Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling,
The Carparthians, Belong to Christine Feehan

I dont' exactly have a title, and I am just writing as it comes to me.  So if you dont like it, don't read it.  Simple as 1,2, 3...

Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky stood motionless in front of the young female caparthain Solari, his only daughter.  Her dark hair was flawlessly tied in a knot, her dark chocolate eyes were void of any emotion, and her upper lip was curled up slightly flashing white perfect teeth.   "I dont' understand how this could be."  Stated Gregory, the one who was considered the healer of their people.  "She is female, a woman, she should not have lost her emotions."  He glanced around the room at the other males who nodded.  

    Mikhail's lifemate, Raven walked to his side and placed her hand on his shoulder in a comforting method, "it is not uncommon for males or females of any race to recieve to much gene's from the other gender." 

  "Among humans,"Gregory replied. 

"My daughter shall be treated the same as any female," her eyes reached her fathers, "I will help you find your lifemate Solari."  Raven nodded her head at her daughter.  Solari would have smiled, but she felt no need to.  The place was grey and dark, she was simply numb.

Harry Potter rolled over onto his stomach on the tiny cot he was sleeping on.  BANG!  He shoot up in the bed as the door flew open.  "Happy birthday mate."  His best friend of the last seven years said to him.  "You're of age, go on do some magic before mum see's you."  Ron Weasly commanded him. 

  "Definetly!'  He pointed his wand at Ron 'Levicorpsus'  a flash of light filled the room and Ron was suspended in the air dangiling from his ankle. 



     To trust in someone,
is to trust the ocean
    you may feel safe,
but at any given notice the calmness
soon become chaos,
nothing is ever the same
trust in the ocean,
the tides pull you in,
like a magnetic field, holding tight
pleasure and pain go together
none can be without the other
trust in the ocean,
for how can it lead you astray?
it's massness, pulsing over the earth
hiding it's secrets deep beneath,
trusting the ocean is like
trusting a human,
faith, and hope,
discouraged, and helplessness
discreetly tearing you down, little by little
til, you can no longer stand,
trust the ocean,
since when do you care?
live and live, be not afraid,
be like a sailor, roaming the mighty seas,
trust the ocean, and find your peace
help, me, help you,
find the path, in deep waters of blue
trust the ocean, just trust,
and never give in... to temptations sin,


Title:  Sometimes
Genre:  Romance
Characters:  Casey & Charlie
Warning:  NC-17 for Later Chapters
Summary:  Casey is from the otherside of town.  She comes from below the poverty line and is trying to make a name for herself.  While in her last year of high school she meets Charlie, a rich kid, from the upper part of town.  He has been to a private school all his life and has decided to finish his senior year at the local Public High School, Higgins High.  Walk with Charlie and Casey down their road of freindship and love, hardships, and family drama, because, sometimes love is just worth it all.




PrologueCollapse )

Writer's Block: Heart to Heart

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?
I dont' have any reason to hate today.  I think only bitter and lonely people hate day's like today.  I'm not really bitter, I am lonely but that's mostly my fault.  I guess I could say the only thing I hate about today is the color red.  Never really liked it, and dont' ask me why my journal layout is red.  I haven't a clue. 

Harry Potter and the Vampire of Forks Ch 2

 Title: Harry Potter and the Vampires of Forks


Chapter 2 The ArrivalCollapse )

Harry Potter and the Vampires of Forks

Title:  Harry Potter and the Vampires of Forks
Rating:  M+
Characters: Harry/Edward
Genre:  Romance/Humour/Mystery
Yes another Harry/Twilight Crossover. It is too dangerous for young Harry Potter in his Sixth Year to stay in Enland. So He and the Dursleys are uprooted to the town of Forks, Washington. Read to find out, and R&R.


Chapter 1 A visit from A.D.Collapse )

Writer's Block: Table for One

Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?
No.  Read more...Collapse )

I Stand Here, summary

Tara Morgan is a twenty year old thrown into a world of war. Read more...Collapse )

I needed This

Writer's Block: Coast Range

If you had to choose, would you rather live in the mountains or by the ocean?
Both places.  They are marvelous areas in which to live.  I would be to have a summer home at the ocean, and a winter home in the mountains.   I don't think that I could ever really choose one over the other.  It is to me, impossible, so no choosing for me.  LOL.



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